Alone Time

by Schizopolitans



ALONE TIME was recorded on February 4th, 2016 for February Album Writing Month and The RPM Challenge. It is a record of of improvised music in the sequence it was created with no attempts to re-take or review. Additional one pass musical overdubs and layering of vocals on some of the tracks occurred in the following two weeks. All of the original music tracks remain intact with the exception of the "Alone Time" suite where some minor surgery was employed. Lyrics were decoded and written from the spontaneous mouth sounds on the initial recordings. Many of the original voices remain audible at times. "Blessed Be" is the only set of words that existed before the session and they were created by a stream of consciousness mumbling into a dictation program. 
Words are overrated.  

ALONE TIME is improvised music with overdubs.
ALONE TIME was completed in three weeks.
ALONE TIME was created by three men in a basement.


released February 27, 2016

Schizopolitans are:
Andy Jorgensen - bass, synth (tracks 6 and 7)
Hector Eduardo Urtubia - keyboards, sequencer (tracks 1 and 9)
XTeVioN - vocals, drums, big black stick, samples

 ©2016 All Music by Schizopolitans
Lyrics ©2016 by Stephen K Patterson ASCAP 

Recorded, mixed, and produced by XTeVioN from the Spiderhole in Reno Nevada.


all rights reserved



Schizopolitans Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada's premier Avant-Rock combo since 2004.
Schizopolitans make movies in your mind.
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Track Name: Conveyor
Through the long long days
Through the long long nights
Watching the trees as they grow
Watching the waves as they roll
Watching the tears as they flow
Watching the wheels as they turn
Watching the past as it burns
Track Name: One Hit Wanderer
I'm not always like this.Still you never can know.
If you knew what I was you'd never come home.
And I'm oh so still. I'm oh so still.
As I walk through this swamp.
You're my victim.
You're my big deal.
Come on big deal.
You'll never keep me away.
When the "Come Down Man"says it's over,
I'm gonna count my blessings around.
If the "Come Down Man"says its over,
I'm gonna cut my losses and go.
Come on big deal…Come and give me what I deserve!
Am I mad? Am I well? Am I bad?
Should I shoot it?
Should I shout out?
Track Name: There's Away
Oh there's a way for this
Get ready and on your mark
You're gonna corner the market
Oh there's a way for this
Solve your pains
All your pains…AWAY
Where were you going as you walked away?
What was ignored as you looked away?
Remember that moment. That moment that was.
What was that moment that moment that was?
Where there's a will there's a way there's a will my son.
Aw,there's a will there's a way.
Where there's a will there's a way.
Where there's a will there's a way there's a will.
Where there's a will there's a way.
When that day comes it's today. Hooray!
You always here people say,
"Where there's a will, there's a way!"
Track Name: Alone Time (parts 1-3)

Make it come to life and catch it in the light
And you throw another lovely stone away
But you can't imagine it how they stuck their hands way up
and they never knew what's coming their way
Here we are here. Take or no.
You look frightened. Yes or no?
After all you have given all is forgiven
Given all that you can haul away
Does all that giving taste of living
get out of the soul another way?
And all this living can just justify your death
When all you believe in
Give and take away
After all is given will you know what what is still there?
All new beginnings give and take away.
Take all misgivings and let them dissolve in your wake
Cuz all decisions give and give and take away.
Track Name: Somewhere To Go
You can't be closer if you're already there
they'll talk you down just to hold you back
their eyes are open but they're sleeping inside
do not engage them don't compromise
and when you're fresh out of shits to give
you think you fit but you break the mold
when you can't deliver what they demand
the time will tell what they wanted to know
no one listens. no one listens.
Some face the facts so fictitiously you can't believe what people can be
no one listens.
you're not listening.
and you'll never see how long this could be.
no matter what your action, the Future is unclear
you can change direction and you'll never be the same
in years you'll look back and you'll moan
"what could have been and what could have been what"
you might determine just how much you've grown
have this in the mind:
we're all looking for someplace to go
where it is what it is
nobody knows
Track Name: Adult Contempt
I sold my soul to the monster we all know.
I gave away everything.
I made my bed so I might as well sleep in it
Oh,Heaven's scene is not my way
The Devil does what the Devil will do
When you see the Devil give him his due
"Good job Evil.You win again!"

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