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by XTeViON and Mothbot

SpaceCatz The Space Catz agreed with the Octopus. They didn’t want to. They didn’t like to hurt people, and they certainly weren’t keen on the choice for catering, but who wants to argue with a cephalopod?
The Virgin Mother (She sang a song to me). Some stories said the Zomby King gave out cheesecake and sodas. Other stories said he ate your brains. I wasn't in the mood for sweets of any kind, so Baby Techno and I went to watch movies, our ray guns set to kill. We saw the devil there, watching movies alone.
The Early Arrival of the Second Star Father He was early again. Way too early. He couldn't just save the Earth now. He had to wait for the right time, do the right thing, be in the right place. He would have to wade through a tedious history of plagues and gorilla uprisings, all to undo a mistake he made in the future -- when he showed up to save the world way too early.
The Mayor of Space We don’t know how he kept the universe stable. The aliens and Vikings trembled at his firey hand. Some say a woman was his undoing. He left his hot-dogs uneaten and went out an airlock without a helmet. It was two weeks before anyone noticed he was gone.And then all hell started breaking loose.
Flying Skull Many were frightened by the Flying Skull’s return this year. His demeanor was more aggressive and reckless than it had been in years past. Ground shook and mountains exploded into the sky. The children had fun throwing rocks and bones at him while the adults cowered in closets and prayed to the gods. They begged that the Flying Skull be sent on to bother the next town because they deserved it more.
Alice 01:14
Alice (Epilogue) Too many strange creatures and shrinking and growing and backwards upside-down places. She’s afraid of mirrors now. She knows she can’t trust her own reflection and the lies it tells her. The cat has many more vices than he lets on and we're all running late as usual.
And the Robots Will Destroy Us All (Thank god) We watched one too many cartoons and bought too much plastic. The buildings may fight for us, or run away to the country. Either way we’ll be tossed around inside our rooms where we once thought we were safe. Sure, we’ll embrace each other as brothers eventually, but only once we’ve exhausted every other option and eaten all the cheesecake.
Bulbman and Constantine XI There never was going to be a supermarket built here. The ground is too swampy and many of the locals had hidden dark secrets and failed relationships in these lands. The Bulbman drank his soda and kept his secrets to himself while the machines of coming war sprang to life.
The Second Coming of the First Star Father Without the Mayor around to negotiate for them, they hid in their attics with their monsters and bones. They added crenellation to all their homes, like hackles raised on angry dogs. They prayed in vain attempts to secure mercy, "Star Father, Who art from the heavens. We cower at thy name..." Meanwhile, Desmond the Rock Badger tuned up for the gig of his life.
The Audience 00:38
The Audience Our host is a dapper gentleman with all the right credentials. The crowd loves him and he loves them. Under the watchful eyes of the hidden soldier, he told the crowd of Space Dome Alpha not to worry about this season’s plague while they watched with slack faces and eager eyes.
Mister Caterpillar Arms One day my arms will wrap themselves in the armor of transformation. I will try to enjoy and memorize every moment, every change of color and pulse of evolution beneath the ripening chitin. The gestation will seem too short and the metamorphosis too astounding. Some day my arms will flex and fly away and I’ll finally have the place to myself.
The Crushing Depths We keep going. Down and down and down. You’ll either die from drowning, or the impact when you hit bottom. Our brains and cupcakes become heavier and heavier until all is crushed out of existence, too small for the universe to take notice of. Still we keep going. Down and down and down.
I Wish I Was a Little Lighter The General was saddened that she wanted so badly to leave him. He watched as she floated away over the pointy tops of buildings, beyond the mountains and the cave of the angry plazma bear. Using a telescope, he nervously observed her passage past the invisible orbiting fortress of the Spacecatz and disappearance into the arms of the constellation Cephalopoda. Then he remembered all the things he needed to tell her.
The Slowest of Times Slowest in the universe, guaranteed! Whole days weave between a tic and a toc. Grab a slice of infinite cheesecake and a bottle of Jack Daniels to take the edge off. It can take 100 years for a rain drop to fall, and 1000 years for a flower to bloom. Super-Hyper-Quantum-Micro computers will make it possible for you and your personal nosferatu to spend eternity watching eternity take forever to go by.
Fear of Fear 01:03
Fear of Fear Owl Twins clacked beaks and fluttered wings. They insisted on believing in the memories of dreams and had worked themselves into a frenzy of worry. Spacecatz muttered in Czech about crop dusters fighting swamp monsters. This was more than the Owl Twins could handle and they began molting furiously. “Your fear will consume you either way.” grumbled Walgesicht and the city was quiet.
The Blood Of Bob Hoskins For as long as he could remember, he had wanted to be a rap star or an engineer, or an illustrator for medical textbooks. All that changed when he met Guitarbot 2000. Now he had one true desire: to lay down these old bones, sleep professionally and dream in front of a live studio audience.
Helen's Bed 02:11
Helen’s Bed Helen’s Bed is dark and quiet. I climb to her even though knives and bullets litter the linens. We huddle together against the cold and the endlessly leering faces, our own thoughts spiraling headlong into glory and conclusion. She scowls at the interlopers and protects our finite space.
Chex Mix Taint Saw Massacre The old witch toiled to keep her children fed. She traveled far and wide, battled the giant squids, the Grumpy Pill, and the Magic Owl in order to get her hands on snacky-foods with pretzels and salt and sugar and crunch. It was tiring work. Her bones were made brittle and bent in their dedication to the dark arts and her children never really appreciated all her hard work.
The Virgin Mother (She sang a song to me). Some stories said the Zomby King gave out cheesecake and sodas. Other stories said he ate your brains. I wasn't in the mood for sweets of any kind, so Baby Techno and I went to watch movies, our ray guns set to kill. We saw the devil there, watching movies alone.
Sleep Soundly Sleep soundly little dreamer. The warm embrace of the stars awaits as circular systems swim by. Playing on Kepler’s Shores of Somnium with squid ink writing on the sand. It’s getting darker all around us. The cats’ ears flick back and forth in worry. Swiveling systems swim by. The Forgetting rolls foggily across the hills, muffling the screams and caressing the flies. Screaming systems swim by. You are everyone’s second-favorite person.
She Floats Up A timid wave from a fast dissolving position. The little dreamer drifts past her and the spinning slows. The sun never rises for those underwater. It's either there or it isn't. The cuttlefish can see by it's own light that she doesn't even notice him. She'll break the surface soon and be one with the sun.
With Gypsy Bruises We charge through Rome at night. Weaving around its dark monuments and I finally feel safe. I've added more bones to surround my vital parts. Everything is encased in safety, wrapped in safety, folded away in safety. The sounds of breathing are pushed down into the soil and shadows. We fly past gypsies who pull at our skin and throw hexes before disappearing like cool coins slipped into sun-chapped palms. This will all go better than it did last time.
Unexpected Thursday As sure we don’t pick our noses for fear of the booger-spider, Thursday comes each week immediately following a Wednesday. And yet, one week we weren’t expecting her visit. All trains were canceled except the Nova Express. Everyone missed their favorite shows while standing out in the streets watching signs and omens. It was someone else’s Thursday delivered by mistake. Her eyes became a maze we got lost in, and scientists noted that exactly 23.875 hours later she was gone.
Riding with Temudjin I hear a voice pleading with me to turn back. The Owl Twins have grown bold after their years of fear. The Cobrahuahua barks and hisses when teased. I hear the voice again, whispering across waves of grass, but something is forgotten. We weren’t always enemies, but we were never really friends.
Traveling Through a Taxidermied Country I had to keep moving. Everyone around here was frozen in poses of aggression though the truth is they died in their sleep. The politician, forever gesticulating toward enemy horizons. His public, always twisted in rage and fear. They hadn't even been dusted lately. When I sat down to rest, I had to tap my feet, wriggle my fingers and wave my arms to ward off the stillness. I thought of P, walled up in Baltimore and spurred myself onward again, before I found myself stuffed and mounted as well.
Always Fighting I’m always shaking my imaginary fists at imaginary foes. The first man on Mars keeps seeing menacing faces in corners and shadows. I can’t rest, and I can’t relax because my armor clanks and squeaks when the sun goes down. I’ll bleed-out on you as you bleed-out to the sky despite my best efforts. The MOTHbot is a timid creature on a dangerous mission. I’m always fighting in my own head, and I’m always losing.
Upskirt 01:02
Upskirt I looked over very exciting days after waxing nostalgic. With the girls shaking it for the locals, providing a brief respite from the turmoil. All your many eyes can see all the many things as you stride along, a glorious giant. Like a naughty little boy, I cannot help but peek.
Popular Mechanics: Miss September Dear Popular Mechanics, I never dreamed anything like this would happen to me, but I assure you every word of it is true...
Monkey Always Wins Kids flicker the whip-flash of their pistola tongues at all we’ve built up over the years. A sure sign that we need a tyrant to tell us what to do. Someone with iron hands to snuff out remaining embers of magic and mystery that distract from our chores. Reduced to burning the bones of ancestors to keep warm, and we bet our wages on the beast of our choice, but science has proven that monkey always wins.
The Moai of Now I have stood upon my Ahu in the navel of the world for more than 500 years. All of Worldtime spreads out before me and breathes as I breathe. My serpent queen whispers visions to me and murmurs like the ocean at my back. My trees are beautiful in spring and lay shattered in autumn. I have watched your wars, seen the Mayor of Space die and yet be reborn many times. Now, my queen informs me it is time. Time for us to once more walk across the earth like thunder.
Octophant Vs. The Sharkrillas All your conspiracy theories failed to see this coming. Chains slipped loose from their chores of holding and restraining and the greatest beasts ever are ready for battle. The Space Catz watch the destruction with complete indifference. Only Freddie can protect the villagers from certain doom, while the queen is busy trying on her new dress. The soul came out of its burrow and saw its shadow. Be prepared for six more weeks of sorrow.
Daphne 01:24
Daphne, a transmission from the future... A word of advice about your destiny. Your dad is probably a robot who may turn on humanity during the robot uprising. This makes you half robot and prone to teasing at school from your human friends as well as the computers in the computer lab. This will pass. Your mom is a ninja, able to disappear and travel through ghostly realms. This means difficult training lies ahead. Learn these skills, use them well, and don't forget: you need to save the world at pre''',,,slllllyyy 06xxxxxxxx.........5 on M0000000... Transmission interrupted.


A collaboration with visual artist Gilbert Leiker aka mothbot. It is the soundtrack to "Clutter" a book of his so called cluster artwork. In the style of the old book and record set. Mr. Leiker writes little stories for each piece of his art. Xtevion has constructed audio for each piece with narrations and was even able to turn some of the prose into "songs."
Every word was written by Gilbert Leiker.
Clicking on the individual tracks will reveal a cropped version of each piece's artwork (it will however interrupt the flow of the album).
Please visit his blog to see his work and texts. mothbot.blogspot.com
Almost all of these pieces can be found in the March 2011 archive.
The book can be purchased here:


released December 20, 2011

All sounds constructed and/or created by XTeViON.
All words and (cropped) pictures ©2010-2011 by Gilbert Leiker
With the voices of:
Temeculas Rainstrap III
Garlen Moverly
Slim Razorboat
Stephen K Patterson
Gilbert Leiker


all rights reserved



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